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Working on an iPad…

I’m writing this post on an iPad – trying to get used to some of the features – and to test whether I really need to buy the adminPad extension from the folks at JoomlaPraise.

One thing I noticed right away was the apparent lack of a scroll bar in the editor window. Turns out this is just how safari works on the iPad. One finger drag scrolls the whole page, two finger drag scrolls in the editor window — or other scrollable areas on a site.

When I first discovered that boxes that should scroll just seemed cut off with no way to access the remaining text, I was checking out the newly launched site for Froggy Bottom Guitars. In an Ignite Gallery display, one of the players had submitted a rather long story to go with his photo. On a computer a scroll bar is obvious – but on the iPad, it was not.

I found someone else’s blog entry about the scrolling issue, so I guess I’m not the only one who doesn’t read the manuals when a new toy arrives…. So,  a bug or a feature?  

But back to Joomla! Administration.

Here in the MyBlog editor, I’m offered plain text or rich text. I can’t do anything in the rich text window. When I access the article using the regular article manager, I can’t do anything in the JCE editor window, but can enter text if I click “hide”.  Then I’m in “code view” and to enter a tag requires switching keyboard layouts from ABC to # to symbols and back for each < or >.  Not going to happen!

Another thing to figure out is how to get an insertion point within a word, or how to move the cursor. Right now I’m double clicking to select a word and then retyping the whole word to fix a typo. That’s not too bad, but when the “word” is a URL – well, you know how long they can be…

So…. I started this blog entry on the iPad, but saved it as unpublished.   I opened it up at the computer to enter paragraph breaks, links, etc.  

I guess I will be investing in the adminPad after all!  Because other than editing Joomla! sites, I’m Loving the iPad!

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