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Widgetkit2 on WordPress – issue with lightbox nav on touch devices.

Posted to the yoothemes support forum:

Note to self:  this came up in working on the new WordPress site for  Will apply to, too as I use widgetkit2 there as well.  I hope they reply!

Why is the lightbox navigation hidden on touch devices? Widgetkit2 WordPress Master Theme

I have successfully used the original Widgetkit, but on a new site decided to use Widgetkit2. There’s a lot to like now that it has galleries as well as slideshows.

BUT… When I display images in a gallery, enable Lightbox, the buttons to advance to the next image are not available on the ipad.

Apparently you decided they should only be displayed when the target area is hovered — but how can we hover on a touch device?

I have “solved” the issue by changing theme.css (in my styles folder) ~ line 8245 from display: none to display: block. This makes the navigation obvious to all, whether on a touch device or not.

I also had to disable line 7589 .uk-touch uk-hidden-touch {display:none;}

I will follow up with a layout override to remove this class from the .uk-slidenav and then be able to re-enable that line.

But WHY would you set this to hide the navigation on a touch device? Is there an alternative navigation method ipad users are supposed to use?

UPDATE: To remove the class of “uk-hidden-touch” from the lightbox navigation buttons I had to modify this file:


I don’t think it’s possible to do this as a template override, so I may have to do this again if I update the plugin.

Was there a better way?

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