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Optimizing for mobile (and everybody else)

I just attended a day-long workshop on Responsive Web Design at the User Interface Engineering (  UX Immersion Mobile conference in Seattle.

A comment by the presenter, Jason Grigsby (of caught my attention.    It was his opinion that if you had to choose between optimizing a site for speed in loading and making it responsive, that he’d go for the speed.    A site that might FIT on a small screen, but that still takes too long to load, will lose more viewers than one that loads quickly, even if they have to do some pinching and zooming to see the content.

For Joomla! sites a plugin can help with the speed thing:   JCH Optimize.  Here’s a blog entry about that:


Widgetkit provides responsive slideshow solution

I had discovered widgetkit when I needed a great mp3 player that did not rely on flash.  Widgetkit ALSO provides a pretty friendly slideshow solution that does not combine cropping and resizing as the ckslideshow extension does.

CK Slideshow might be a good solution if your slide images won’t suffer from being cropped — the smaller images delivered on a mobile device will be a vertical slice of your horizontal banner image, rather than just a proportionately reduced banner.    In some cases this would be a better solution — but banner images would have to have good content in the middle of the banner image and often that is NOT the composition we’d prefer for the larger images.


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