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When things go wrong ….

Chances are the same things have gone wrong for someone else!

Yesterday my husband got a new computer and moved his files over from an older Mac.  He was horrified to find blank  pages where his data should have been — only a few labels displayed.   Other layouts seemed to be OK.  The data — 9000+ records — seemed to be intact.  He set out to rebuild the layout for his data entry screen:  ~60 labels and fields.

I set out to find the problem.  A google search for “File Maker Pro 11 Snow Leopard blank” produced the solution:  a problem FMP has with a slightly corrupt font folder.  Turns out other people did have the same problem and that solutions were ready for the finding.   In about 15 seconds he was able to open the faulty layout, select all elements on the page and change the font to anything other than Arial.  Bingo!

So the moral is….   take time to do a search!

Today Meg and I puzzled over a Joomla! section blog that we could not get to sort properly.  We decided to edit the titles of about 40 articles in order to force them to sort chronologically.  The articles needed some other attention and we were going to have to open each one anyway.

But then,  they still wouldn’t sort properly!  So off to Google I went.

Turns out,  there’s a bug in the most recent version of Joomla  1.5.22  doesn’t sort Section blogs properly.  Who would’ve thought?  It also turned out that someone had provided a very specific solution:  Change one line of code in a particular file. 

Joomla 1.5.22 Section Blog doesn’t sort properly.

We’re web developers.  Why do we sometimes forget to use the web?

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