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IE8, JCE, and email links….

Yesterday at a training session a user showed me a very strange display of what should have been a linked email address.  There was all kinds of code where the link text — the email address — should have been.

She was working in Firefox on a Mac, and deleted the link and rebuilt it and all was fine. (She was editing a page that someone else had worked on….  probably in IE!)

Today I get a call from a different client who wanted to be reminded of how to link to an email address.   I walked her through it and there was the gibberish again!

Hmm….  what browser are you using?    Internet Explorer.    Aha!

So…  off I go to do more testing* and sure enough, the JCE editor creates messed up links.   In the editor you’ll see:
where you should be seeing the link text.

If you publish that article,  the public will see:
?subject=test'; document.write( '

If you MUST use IE,   then in adding an email link where the link text is the email address,  the JCE editor will fill the url bar of the Advanced Link Editor  with   Just click insert and the link will be fine.   DO NOT click the envelope to add email address,  bcc, cc, or Subject fields.

If the link text is NOT an email address, then the JCE editor Advanced Link Editor functions can be used.

Best Practice?   Don’t use IE!


* I tested in IE8  on sites that use JCE 1.5.7 and JCE

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