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Szaki Table (Joomla Extension)

Szaki Table is a Joomla Extension that allows sorting a table by any column header.

I used it on a client’s site to make a list of educational opportunities sortable by date, location, type.   All was well until we added a column for cost and entered cost in US Dollars using the $ sign.

The entire table was replicated in the cell with the $!  

Fortunately one only needs to “escape” the $  by including   before the guilty character.

In researching the extension’s website to see if this had been covered already, I discovered that the extension has many more possibilities — but the English version of the developer’s site is hard to decipher.  I’ll consider this for future projects if a client needs to have interactive data tables.   I think you’re supposed to be able to get the table code from pasting in a csv (with semi-colons rather than commas)!  That’s worth investigating!

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