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Omeka and Word Press on same server…

I’m working on a project that started out as a word press blog with an installation of Omeka in a sub-directory.   Once enough work was done in Omeka  they wanted that at the root url.   OK.  Rather than uninstalling the WP site,  I moved it to a sub-directory,  moved Omeka up and all was well.   I tested access the the WP site in its new location before moving Omeka, and all was well.

But…   today they tell me they want a blog, too — so I figure I’ll just link to the install we already have and all will be well.

Not.   Omeka’s htaccess includes code to disable any .php other than their own index.php and although I could SEE the blog,  I couldn’t access the wp-admin.

Omeka’s Google group archive revealed the solution:

I added this:


# suggested in Omeka google group # Disable URL rewriting within this directory
RewriteEngine Off

# Undo Omeka’s .php blocking

    Order Deny,Allow
    Allow from all

to the .htaccess in the wordpress  subdirectory  and — problem solved!

Let’s hear it for support groups,  and google for helping us find the relevant posts!


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