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Monadnock Art

Monadnock Art needed a site that would allow for online registration and payment by member artists, which in turn would allow the artists to manage their own profiles and galleries. Because their big event is the annual Art Tour in the fall, we wanted to be sure the site would work well on mobile devices that visitors on the tour would be able to check – from the passenger seat, of course! Again, I used OneWeb as a starting point for the responsive template.  I used the following Joomla extensions that work together to accomplish these requirements: Akeeba Subscriptions coupled with Joomla ACL, Ignite Gallery, NoNumber extensions Slider and Modules Anywhere.  To make the artist’s profiles even easier to manage, the input form for Ignite Gallery was customized by my partner, Bill Tomczak of Grumpy Engineering, to provide separate fields for each aspect of the text that displays:  artist statement,  bio,  address and contact information. No questions or confusion about where or how to enter their information.

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