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Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency had a static html site that had grown to thousands of page, even more pdfs, and a bunch of custom applications.  They decided to remake the site in Joomla! and put out an RFP for custom template or templates and some help with a custom module to generate links for sidebar boxes.  I was part of a team that submitted a bid for this project and I led the template work, combining their 5 different layouts into one template that dynamically assigns the right column widths and module positions depending on the section of the site or a K2 extra field that could be used to trigger the widest content area possible.  Each section needed to be styled with a different color scheme for the navigation and this was accomplished by adding a few lines of code in the head of the template and a variable on a containing div.

2017 Update:  the site we built for them in Joomla! has been replaced.

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