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Menu item ordering bug in Joomla 1.7.x

I have a site that started its life in 1.7.0.  After upgrading to 1.7.3 I lost control of the order of menu items.   Numbering and saving didn’t work.  Tweaking with the blue arrows only worked in some places, and then didn’t seem to stick.  I “solved” the problem by using the MOVE function at the bottom of the menu items manager page, selecting an item and moving it to the same menu — this would add it at the bottom of the list.   I repeated until all were in the order they had been in before the upgrade to 1.7.3.

Searching the joomla forum I found a few related posts in this thread:

>>Infograf and I seem to have found the problem! It is a problem with JUpgrade – the column “ordering” in table “_menu” is filled with different numbers – it should be just zero’s as the ordering of the menu items is drawn from the columns “lgt” and “rgt”.

They then give the sql command to set all to zero.   I can’t paste the code here just now.

Many in the forum were pointing at jUpgrade as the source of this problem and someone uploaded a mini component to do the above sql task.


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