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Joomla solution for non-flash mp3 player

I searched the JED and the best I could come up with was to use Allvideos to create simple, single mp3 players for a website I’m working on.

The syntax of this pluggin is nice and simple:   {mp3}Name-of-file-without-extension{/mp3} or


But…  Allvideos uses Quicktime as a fallback when flash is not available and on the ipad the Quicktime controller was clunky.   I did get a snippet of php to detect the ipad and then could address styling the controller to make it better — but it was still clunky.

WidgetKit from

I kept looking for a solution that would provide html5 audio  and finally found it in youtheme’s widgetkit media player.   This uses html5 audio and falls back to flash instead of the other way around.  It suits me!

The syntax is just a bit more complex, but certainly doable:


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