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Joomla Bamboo template fix

The center column of my site, using Joomla Bamboo’s Meridian template was not behaving.

The template uses javascript to calculate the height of the columns and some tabs and sliders were causing problems.

Anthony wrote:

“The code at the bottom of the js/template.js file. The crucial bit is: jQuery(‘ul.jbtabs li,.moduletable-panelmenu span.mainlevel,h3.pane-toggler’).click(function(){ setTimeout(calculateEQ,200); }); The 200 is the delay in ms for the script to calculate the height of the item. In your case because the accordion content was large we set it to 500. The selectors that trigger the function are here: ul.jbtabs li,.moduletable-panelmenu span.mainlevel,h3.pane-toggler So you just need to add your selector there to get it to work.”

Today I had to add another selector:  h3.pane-toggler-down  so that a weblinks list spilled open would be considered in the calculations.  I didn’t need to submit a new ticket or ask for help, I just needed to access the ticket explaining how the problem was solved the first time.

The pesky part was that I had to renew my account to be able to access the old tickets with this solution.  So from now on I’ll remember to document solutions here as well and not rely on the ticket system from a limited-time support contract.

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