irislines web design
irislines web design

Interesting glitches….. was not properly loading my html overrides. No matter what template I chose as default, the html overrides from Beez would load. Clearing various caches did no good. I finally just deleted the Beez folder entirely, and then it loaded from my custom template., after a server upgrade, and a Joomla upgrade from 12 to 14, couldn’t access the back end. BlueHost helped by seeing that something was amiss with permissions on the administrator folder. They said all folders should be 755 and all files 644? They made a change and it worked.

will ackerman’s site in development at bluehost with a temporary ip/~user url displays properly, but when I try to use the WDTB css edit tells me it can’t find the css file. I’m sure I’ve successfully used css edit when working with this kind of url before….
Solved this one by ensuring that calls for template include baseurl; ?>before the templates.
(This custom template was made before I had the DW snippets from Jen’s Cheat Sheet card.)


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