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Imagesized revised…

NEW version of Imagesized plugin includes more options, but forces a bg and border for all generated thumbnails.   Set to white this could often just disappear on the page, but on the fbg site I needed thumbs to sometimes be on a background image for front page.

I was using very standard image sizes so I could predict that all thumbnails would be the actual size, and not need a “fudge-factor”  so I modified the plugin code as follows:

In plg_imagesized.php  line 373


imagerectangle($result, 0, 0, $widthm-1, $heightm-1, $this->set_img_color($result,$fp_bocolor));

I changed it to

imagerectangle($result, 0, 0, $widthm, $heightm, $this->set_img_color($result,$fp_bocolor));

and line 375


$sample = imagecopyresampled($result, $image, -($width/2) + ($widthm/2)+2, -($height/2) + ($heightm/2)+2, 0, 0, $width-4, $height-4, $width_orig, $height_orig);

I changed it to:

$sample = imagecopyresampled($result, $image, -($width/2) + ($widthm/2), -($height/2) + ($heightm/2), 0, 0, $width, $height, $width_orig, $height_orig);


By the way, the new Imagesized plugin now offers different settings for leading or intro blog entries and the settings can be applied to front page, and/or section and category blogs.  You can exclude sections or categories from using the plugin.

It also includes a character count cut off for leading and intro articles which appends […] after the specified character.  This lets you have very even blocks for a multiple column display.   You can specify a different  ….   symbol.

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