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html overrides missing after update

That sinking feeling when after a version update things are broken — and you may not have a good backup…..

I’d run a complete package backup before running simplescripts Joomla updater, but what I hadn’t done was look at the site before running the backup. I’d trained the client to make changes just the day before — but how could that be messing up the template?

On this site, I’d not only borrowed the beez html folder, I’d just taken over the whole beez folder and made it my own. I had given my custom template a new name, but there was no beez template showing in the template manager.

After running the 1.5.14 to 1.5.15 update, all my category blogs were destroyed — using table code to display the content — ughh!

Recoginizing that the problem was that my overrides weren’t loading I thought I’d try setting beez as the default — but although there was a beez folder, it was only a folder of changes since the update — no xml file. So… I copied an entire beez folder over from another site I’d just updated. I applied beez as the default template — overrides loaded just fine. Back to my custom template — and voila! the overrides loaded and the site wasn’t broken after all!

Scary though — and an hour and a half of worrying and puzzling before it was solved.

Uh… maybe…. see post from August 7… Sure enough, to get MY html overrides to load, I had to once again delete the beez folder.

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