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Penny Nichols

Penny Nichols needed a new website to promote and cell her recent book / cd project: . She already had a Joomla! site for the songwriting camps she runs, so we built this in Joomla! as well, with a SquirrelCart e-commerce solution which interfaces with her merchant account.

Note, we’ve since replaced the SquirrelCart shopping cart with J2Store — an extension that turns any article into a product page with “buy now” buttons, simply by assigning a price! J2Store continues to evolve into a pretty powerful shopping cart solution. screenshot

Lissa Schneckenburger

New England Fiddler and Folk Singer, Lissa Schneckenburger: Lissa had a new cd coming out, and wanted her site redesigned to celebrate the cd-release. The new standards based site replaces a frame and tables based site that was beautiful but didn’t work well for search engines. We’ll be watching to see Google pick up on the new site.  P.S.  Lissa has another new cd titled “Dance”  to accompany “Song”; as a companion CD, it shares graphic elements and we didn’t have to re-do the site for that release in September, 2010. screenshot


Irisbeads is the name of my glass bead and jewelry business. I melt glass in my basement to make beads, earrings, barrettes. The site is NOT a store, but has photos of products and the process of making these things. I used to sell at craft fairs and in a few brick and mortar stores in town. 2015 update: I haven’t had time for this in the last few years, but hope to get back to the basement one day! screenshot

Mary Lea

Mary Lea: Dance Fiddler: a site for a musician with a broad range of musical styles. MP3 samples of Mary’s music are available on a page to help wedding planners identify what kind of music they want. Samples are also available on pages featuring Mary’s many cd projects.

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