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Gradualism and Addiction

Gradualism and Addiction Treatment is a Word Press blog to share information, articles, and resources about an approach to addiction treatment that is centered on trying to create a therapeutic continuum that builds on the strengths of both the harm reduction and abstinence approaches, while trying to reduce their respective shortcomings. Dr. Scott Kellogg, PhD will add resources and articles to maintain this site.

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The Spencer Hotel

The Spencer Hotel in Chautauqua, New York had a beautiful website, but it was a nightmare to maintain. It had been coded by another developer in tables, with images for all headings and was full of presentational code. I was hired for maintenance tasks but after time was able to convince the owner that the code of her site was not serving her. She loved the design so I offered her a Joomla! site that she’d be able to maintain with a custom template to more or less duplicate the original design. Now a Joomla! site, the hotel staff is able to add new specials and make other changes as needed.

Vermont Care For All

Vermont Care For All

Vermont Care For All is the web home for a benefit cd produced to raise funds for the Vermont Workers Center’s Healthcare is a Human Right campaign. Sales of the benefit CD are handled by a PayPal account. Samples of all 10 tracks are available via a sidebar mp3 player.

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