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Robert Johnson DVD

Robert Johnson Guitar Styles DVD is not a new product, but a new site. It may look familiar (see Thunder’s Mouth, below.) Guitarist Scott Ainslie loved the clean structure of his first “single-product” website and wanted to simply clone it for this one. An article by Scott will appear in the November issue of Acoustic Guitar and we wanted this new site up for the traffic the article will generate. screenshot

A.L. Tyler

A.L. Tyler and Sons have been providing electrical, heating, ventilation and air conditioning services in the Brattleboro, Vermont area for over 40 years. This is their first website. screenshot

Sari Soldiers

Sari Soldiers‘ filmmaker Julie Bridgham knew she needed a site that could be kept up to date — she already had one that wasn’t! — and she liked what I had done for the filmmakers of Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari Mathaai. This site is built in Joomla! which will give Julie the tools she needs to make changes — if only her busy screening schedule allowed her time to do it! screenshot

Thunder’s Mouth

Thunder’s Mouth: CD by Scott Ainslie: Scott read an e-book on building a site that will really sell cds and decided it was worth a try. He has a site that has information on all of his cds, book and dvd, but this one is just focused on the newest cd, Thunder’s Mouth. It’s built in Joomla and has an mp3 player to serve up samples of all of the tracks. There’s lots of info about personnel, instruments, recording equipment, etc. but you’re always taken back to the main path: see, listen, buy! It seems to be working. screenshot

Penny Nichols

Penny Nichols needed a new website to promote and cell her recent book / cd project: . She already had a Joomla! site for the songwriting camps she runs, so we built this in Joomla! as well, with a SquirrelCart e-commerce solution which interfaces with her merchant account.

Note, we’ve since replaced the SquirrelCart shopping cart with J2Store — an extension that turns any article into a product page with “buy now” buttons, simply by assigning a price! J2Store continues to evolve into a pretty powerful shopping cart solution.

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