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My Blog name and description

You can’t have one without the other —

To have the name and description of the blog appear, you must turn on the toolbar.

(Or write a template override!)

Mighty Resources

At first when I configured Mighty Resources for the Weed Herbarium project we were getting a listing of titles “on this page”  ahead of the ABC links and the table of links to the individual weeds.

The parameter I needed to disable was: Section: Properties: Elements:  Title Index.

Now I’m just going to go into Language file and try to change Title to scientific name.


Making your template flexible with conditional statements and variables

Using conditional statements you can control whether your template creates a div and module position for a left or right sidebar depending on whether a module exists for any given page.   But this does not cause the content to stretch to fill that available space when no sidebar modules are present.

It IS possible to use conditional statements in the opening php block of your template to set values of variables which are then used in the template to create divs with different classes depending on the modules present.

For this example I’m using a liquid design with a left column width of 20%, and a right column width of 30%.   Left and center columns are floated left, right column is floated right. Two background images are used to create the faux columns. The content area will be either 50%, 70%, 80% or 100% depending on the presence of modules for the left or right columns.

I add these 4 lines to the opening php block:
if($this->countModules(‘left + right’) > 0) $layout=”50″;
if($this->countModules(‘right’) <= 0) $layout=”80″;
if($this->countModules(‘left’) <= 0) $layout=”70″;
if($this->countModules(‘left + right’) <= 0) $layout=”100″;

and in my html I reference that variable wherever needed like this:

Then I can write css rules: .content-50 {width:50%;}
.content-70 {width:70%;}
.content-80 {width:80%;}
.content-100 {width:100%;}
Remember to remove any width setting on #content.  You’ll also need to add the $layout suffix to the divs that load the faux column images so you’ll be able to rule when the background images load.


Change Date format for Joomla!

change date format for Joomla
How to do this using Joomla 1.5, assuming you want to change the default English:

1. Navigate to the languageen-GB folder in your Joomla install.
2. Edit the en-GB.ini file.
3. Change the date formats near the top. The parameters you see there (that is %A, %H, etc.) are replacements for the formatting of the date. The available parameters can be found in the PHP link in the above post.

An example for my particular setup, I wanted to switch to a format that looks like this for my front page articles.

Sunday, March 3 2008

I changed DATE_FORMAT_LC2 key to the parameters below to accomplish this:


Reload the front page, and it was good to go.

Want users to stay on same page as login form?

As posted in the NE Joomla Users Group :

The issue is that Joomla seems to dump you back at the homepage after you log in, regardless of where you were.

Bill T. writes:

James: That patch for the login module is already in 1.5.15, so the
best thing to do is be sure your Joomla is current

Don: There is no com_login component, I assume you mean com_user,
which has it’s own component version of the login page. And the patch
James posted is for the module anyway. The component login page also
has redirection pages for successful login/logout.

So Doug: The module allows you to specify a specific page after login/
logout. Though the help text says the default is the home page, since
that patch was incorporated into Joomla, the default is actually the
current page.

FWIW – before this was changed in core, there was a way to solve this
without killing any kitties. You could get the same effect with a
template override.

Don posted :

It all depends where you’re having the issue. mod_login or com_login.

The mod_login issue was resolved long ago. The com_login was/is more complicated.

What’s funny is that I knew this sounded familiar b/c I posted messages in that thread (page 1 and 2 I think).

For mod_login –
Go to mod_login.
Login redirection page.
Leave the drop down to “select item”.

This way J! won’t redirect the user to any page. The fix was applied in J! 1.5.10.

For com_login
You can try the hack for now but that becomes a pain when updating Joomla.

James Foreman had posted this fix:

The following fix for the login page is not mine, but has worked in many cases… the topic on the joomla forums is at the following link. This is an issue for many joomla folks… so test this out and back things up, since I cannot guarantee it.

Login issue Forum page:


Go to ‘your site’/modules/mod_login/helper.php

You will see an entry like this:


if($itemid = $params->get($type))
$menu =& JSite::getMenu();
$item = $menu->getItem($itemid);
$url = JRoute::_($item->link.’&Itemid=’.$itemid, false);
$url = JURI::base(true);


change the “else” statement to this:

// stay on the same page
$uri = JFactory::getURI();
$url = $uri->toString(array(‘path’, ‘query’, ‘fragment’));

Thanks James!

html overrides missing after update

That sinking feeling when after a version update things are broken — and you may not have a good backup…..

I’d run a complete package backup before running simplescripts Joomla updater, but what I hadn’t done was look at the site before running the backup. I’d trained the client to make changes just the day before — but how could that be messing up the template?

On this site, I’d not only borrowed the beez html folder, I’d just taken over the whole beez folder and made it my own. I had given my custom template a new name, but there was no beez template showing in the template manager.

After running the 1.5.14 to 1.5.15 update, all my category blogs were destroyed — using table code to display the content — ughh!

Recoginizing that the problem was that my overrides weren’t loading I thought I’d try setting beez as the default — but although there was a beez folder, it was only a folder of changes since the update — no xml file. So… I copied an entire beez folder over from another site I’d just updated. I applied beez as the default template — overrides loaded just fine. Back to my custom template — and voila! the overrides loaded and the site wasn’t broken after all!

Scary though — and an hour and a half of worrying and puzzling before it was solved.

Uh… maybe…. see post from August 7… Sure enough, to get MY html overrides to load, I had to once again delete the beez folder.

wordpress line breaks…

I was pasting in nice clean html code on Scott Kellogg’s new site and Word Press was providing me with a line break on every line of the paragraphs.  Not coded,  in html view, there were no <br /> tags — just short lines of text — much narrower than the stylesheet would allow.

I googled “pasting html into word press line breaks”  and instantly found a cure.

I had to modify some core php file in the /wp-includes/ folder  so I’ll have to remember this when upgrading.

In the file formatting.php

I had to find the line:

function wpautop($pee, $br = 1)

and change it to :

function wpautop($pee, $br = 0)

It worked!

IE bug solution

This site has explanation and fix of something that might be happening on blog pages.

I applied “display:inline” on the .column1 rules and the blog display behaved itself.

Interesting glitches….. was not properly loading my html overrides. No matter what template I chose as default, the html overrides from Beez would load. Clearing various caches did no good. I finally just deleted the Beez folder entirely, and then it loaded from my custom template., after a server upgrade, and a Joomla upgrade from 12 to 14, couldn’t access the back end. BlueHost helped by seeing that something was amiss with permissions on the administrator folder. They said all folders should be 755 and all files 644? They made a change and it worked.

will ackerman’s site in development at bluehost with a temporary ip/~user url displays properly, but when I try to use the WDTB css edit tells me it can’t find the css file. I’m sure I’ve successfully used css edit when working with this kind of url before….
Solved this one by ensuring that calls for template include baseurl; ?>before the templates.
(This custom template was made before I had the DW snippets from Jen’s Cheat Sheet card.)

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