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Brooks Memorial Libray

The Brooks Memorial Library, the public library in Brattleboro, Vermont needed a new website with lots of functionality.  I worked closely with reference librarian Jeanne Walsh, who had particular concerns about making the library’s wealth of database resources available and understandable.  She developed resource subject guides that utilized Joomla’s Weblinks functionality for consistent display of links and annotations.

Jeanne had never been involved in building or maintaining a website and she took to it like a duck to water!  This was a truly collaborative development process — as she discovered what Joomla could do, she asked for more and we found creative solutions to ensure that the site would be usable for patrons and not a maintenance nightmare.  For instance,  content regarding library fees and fines — which could change over time — only exists in one place, in modules which can be pulled into and displayed throughout the site as needed.  When the change needs to happen, it only needs to be updated in one item.

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